Using Meeting Agendas to Drive Results

desk-set-upMeeting agendas can be an exercise in going through the motions because you were once told to do them for all meetings.

Or meeting agendas can be an extremely effective tool to ensure that your meetings accomplish exactly what you planned to achieve.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself.

  1. Do you send the meeting agendas in advance so people have time to think about the topics and prepare?
  2. Do you include a list of expected attendees, date, time and location of the meeting?

Sending meeting agendas in advance let your attendees prep. They can think about the topic and talk to others if needed prior to your meeting. This can make for much more productive meetings.

Because you want your meeting to be as effective as possible, make sure to include your expected attendees on the agenda. This makes sure they know they are a key player in the discussion.

And a basic logistical item but often one that causes challenges is date, time and location of the meeting. I know, it seems so simple. But people are busy, so call it out for them clearly on your agenda.

I actually like to use my meeting agenda for multiple purposes. I use my bullet points to help me keep the discussion on track, moving agenda item by agenda item.


  • Keep the bullet points on your agenda specific but pretty high level.
  • Sending in advance gives your attendess time to do their homework.
  • Your meeting should be the place to discuss the specifics.
  • So during the call, use the agenda to create my meeting minutes.

Make sure you are using it as a tool and not a task where you check the box. A meeting agenda can be an effective tool to drive results.

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