Art of Being Mommy #Top 4 Baby Bottles & Pacifiers

Have you ever stood in the baby bottle aisle at a big retailer?blog-1


As a Mom you probably have and WOW…… (sigh) it can be overwhelming.


There aren’t two choices; there are twelve and that’s just bottles. Did you ever imagine? Of course not!! Let me help.

It’s an overwhelming task with .00000 hours sleep and a crying baby in the cart. Never fear, I am going to cut through the choices and tell you the best baby bottles.

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Baby Bottles

I know you are working hard to establish your new normal, oh and feed that beautiful bundle of joy every 2-4 hours. If you can’t breast feed your infant or are supplementing with a bottle, you probably visited many stores and did lots of research (maybe that’s how you landed here).

We tried quite a few, we liked these brands:

  • Dr. Browns-This one is our first choice. The vent system has a paced flow. It helped a lot for our little one with reflux. We also really liked the glass bottle option. drbrownsbottlesrock
  • Tips-We used newborn nipples because of the reflux until he was 3 months old. So remember your baby is unique follow his or her lead (smile).

Other good brands that we tried:

  • Playtex-Our second choice, multiple nipple choices which is great because babies aren’t all the same and can change preferences over time but we were looking for glass specifically.
  • MAM-This is a good brand and solid choice.
  • NUK-This is a good brand and solid choice.


MAM-Our little sunshine loves MAM pacifiers. He is almost 4 mos and still wants the preemie pacifiers version even though he is a big boy.

Even though our boy is soothed best by MAM, there is always the place for a WubbaNub. We have several and they are great for major melt downs especially in the car (this is a must have, trust me).

Other good pacifier brands that we tried:

Dr. Browns



Make it an amazing day!

Smile and Wave:)



I would love to share more of the art of being mommy, let’s stay connected.

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