Power of LinkedIn

It’s hard to remember what the world was like before social media. Because social media allows us to stay constantly connected. No matter what company we work for or what country we live in. It’s pretty amazing and so is LinkedIn.

Previously in business circles, someone might leave a job, never to be seen or heard from again. So you could completely lose contact. Losing important connections that had been built over years and years.

Power of LinkedIn

  • Keeping in touch after leaving a company allows you to build a larger professional network over time.
  • Allows you the ability to directly reach out to any of your contacts via direct messaging.
  • Your resume is available for review by interested parties including recruiters 24/7.
  • Connections can help you find a new role within a new company.
  • You can meet new people, people within other LinkedIn groups or people that see your posts or shares.
  • And a great benefit, meet people that are connections of your connections.


If you aren’t using LinkedIn, don’t let another day pass, now is the day to start. Of all the social media platforms, this one can help build your career and your professional network connections.


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