Do you need a career sponsor?

In my early career, all the buzz was finding a mentor or a sponsor. You were to look around the room and figure out who would help you grow. There was so much to learn and you needed a guide.

Then over time, a true distinction began to emerge between the two.

Either way, first priority was to find one. If you were ambitious and you wanted to fast track your career, you needed to find a senior leader to help you navigate that path.

So you started by setting out to find two things.

1) someone with a career that you aspired to achieve

2) someone that had a willingness to support you

Then you had to consider what you were really looking for in that relationship.

Here is a little more info on a mentor. Do you need a mentor?

I wanted more of a “career opportunity guide”. As a result, I figured out that I really needed a sponsor versus a mentor. Though both can be great resources.

A sponsor is someone that clearly understands your skill set. Probably better than you do. They are actively looking for new career opportunities for you, usually from a higher vantage point within the organization.

And that means, you have to be open and willing to take some chances when they are offered.

be inspired, be empowered, be BOLD

Make it an amazing day!


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