Art of Being Mommy #This Week’s Chaos and Crazy

Untitled design (6)You did your research, right? As a new Mom, probably at  3:00 am or 4:00 am (same time of day as I am writing this now…yawn) but you did it. Blood shot eyes, you read through the Mommy blogs, the parenting magazines and even talked to your super knowledgeable pediatrician but still things just don’t go exactly as you planned.


Have I shared that this happens all the time? And if you are a planner; a folder making, container organizing, OneNote loving Mommy like me, once you have a baby, there is chaos and crazy.


            Deep breath my friends, we will survive but things are clearly out of our control.


So last week our little angel had his 4 month shots. This was the second round of shots so we were prepared just like last time, that means prepared to cry….of course. Take note, he was a trooper during the shots but post shots were really tough this time. We did a little follow-up research and seems to be a common reaction.


Tip #1-Prep for your 4 month visit, talk your pediatrician about pain reliever dosages (they are tricky at this age), hot/cold packs for the shot area, etc.


Tip #2-For those struggling with the chaos and crazy, in my best song voice, sing your own rendition of Disney’s “Let it Go” from Frozen. This is the new normal, pause…. deep breath and put that super planner determination to work on organized chaos.


Make it an amazing week!

Smile and Wave:)





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