Art of Being Mommy #This Week’s Chaos and Crazy #5

Untitled design (6)So one thing to keep in mind, things change fast. First from a weight perspective, our sweet boy outgrew his bassinet and then our super handy travel Pack N Play.

Next, the Ingenuity Teddy Bear Twinkle swing (highly recommended) and one of his two jumpers.

At the same time, we are moving from 1st foods to 2nd foods, keeping it organic (Wal-mart has some of the best prices on organic pouches). We are using a combination of organic pouches and homemade organic concoctions compliments of our baby bullet.

We invested in a Northstates Superyard (the colorful version) and colorful floor tiles for our home studio. Super cute little play area, great value for the price at Amazon. We also put an 8×11 rug in our living room. I must say, floor coverings are essential for our almost crawling little guy. That’s right, crawling (tear) it happens before you know it.

Teething is the story of the day. We absolutely used an amber teething necklace but we are also used everything else too, literally everything:

-Munchkin raspberry pacifier teether

-Lifefactory silicone teether

-Sophie the Giraffe

-Comotomo Silicone teether

-Baby Mesh Fruit teether

-Dr. Brown’s Giraffe

-Teething ring with water

-Cold wash cloth


Make it an amazing week!

Smile and Wave:)


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