Art of Being Mommy #This Week’s Chaos and Crazy #4

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Making my own baby food was so much fun. I was on pins and needles waiting for our little guy to get big enough for solids. We started with a few different organic pouch and jar options, various brands. A couple of different fruit options to start, planning a new fruit every other day to ensure we track for food allergies.


But of course making my own organic baby food is on my “to do” list. As you know, that “to do” list can get pretty long while you are doing this new Mommy thing:)

Who knew that it would be such a touching mommy moment? We adopted our angel so breast feeding wasn’t a part of our bonding experience. And now I find that making baby food and feeding my baby is a connection that bottle feeding just doesn’t provide.

Thanks to some amazing friends, one of our baby shower gifts was a baby bullet.


Make it an amazing week!

Smile and Wave:)


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