Should you be looking for a mentor or a sponsor?

untitled-design-2Early career development can be a game of chance. When you join a company, you don’t know the key players. And it takes time to learn the ropes.

So look around the room (literally or figuratively), who do you see in the room that will support your future career growth? Figuring that out will take some time.

You can gain helpful career advice and direction from your direct manager. Because part of their job is helping you grow in your existing role and into new opportunities.

In addition, all career advice and coaching is not created equal. If you are interested in advancement, you may also consider reinforcements for your development.

So should you be looking for a mentor or a sponsor?


-A mentor is really an adviser. Direct managers often play this role. A mentor listens and provides moral support.


-A sponsor often sees your strengths better than you do. Sponsors are actively looking out for your career interests. Guiding and helping to navigate opportunities. Also, giving you honest feedback on areas of opportunity.

Therefore, whether you decide it’s a mentor, a sponsor or both, make sure you are driving your career development. Nobody else will make it happen for you.


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