Are you comfortable with development discussions?

If you are a leader, you are likely in a position to develop others. Whether direct reports, individuals you mentor through professional associations or aspiring young Entrepreneurs, they want your advice. And these can be the most fulfilling opportunities to help others.

But that doesn’t mean you always feel comfortable having these conversations. What questions do you ask? Do you know what information you really need in order to guide others? Are you giving the right advice?

First, you need to build connections with people for discussions to be effective. Asking brave questions can help you understand what motivates others. You need to understand their hopes and dreams. And find their strengths and weaknesses.

Learn more here about asking Brave Questions

Once you understand what is important to them, use strong goal setting techniques like the SMART Framework to help them create a meaningful plan to drive outcomes. Did I mention, encourage them to “WRITE DOWN” the plan?

SMART Framework

The words can vary depending on the version of the SMART framework you use but I like these for goal setting. Write down your goals and then ensure that it meets the below criteria.

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Timed

Here are some of the key items to track in a development template.

Development Planning 

-Areas of Focus or Areas of Development

-Development Activities-classroom training, one on one training or OJT

-Actions to Take



You can find my development plan example and template here.

Development Plan Example and Template

So to wrap it up 1) build connections through asking meaningful questions 2) understand people’s hopes and dreams 3) find their strengths and weaknesses 4) help them create a plan using goal setting techniques 5) encourage them to write down their development goals

be inspired, be empowered, be BOLD

Make it an amazing day!


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