7 Tips to Remember for Effective Recognition


We are all so busy these days, work, school, kids, sports and more. We are functioning at this feverish pitch of busy, so some things fall on the floor or get pushed to the forever later bucket.

Unfortunately recognition is often one of those things that seems to become non critical. I challenge that idea and would encourage anyone that wants to successfully motivate and lead people to take the time to recognize people.

1. Take the time to recognize people, people need positive reinforcement and your peeps are worth it

2. Empower people, trust in their abilities to make decisions, this is priceless recognition

3. Use various channels, e-mail, company social media, conference calls, meetings, newsletters, etc.

4. It takes a few seconds and absolutely no money to just say “Thank You”

5. People aren’t solely motivated by money but monetary recognition is important

6. Recognize individuals in front of their peers or other people that matter to them

7. If you manage people, make sure you share achievements of your direct reports with your boss


be inspired, be empowered, be BOLD

Make it an amazing day!





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