10 Tips to Building Your Tribe through Successful Networking


 1) Do you want to collaborate on a new idea? Or maybe build your tribe to keep you more accountable?

Decide exactly what you want to achieve through networking. Networking can help you find other like-minded women that want to be BOLD, kick butt and take names in their business.


2) Ask yourself, how can you help others?

We each have special gifts to share. Be generous with yourself and your gifts.


3) Smile and say hello, be real, be yourself.

Smiles don’t cost anything but can make others feel like a million dollars. Give them away freely and make it genuine.


4) What’s your story? Do you have your 30 second elevator speech ready?

You need to be able to quickly tell a powerful story about you and your business.


5) Where you live, vacation, favorite sports teams, favorite book, favorite author. 

It always helps to find common ground and/or shared interests.


 6) Take the time to really get to know someone. 

Ask open ended questions, these can really spark interesting conversations.


 7) We aren’t perfect and sometimes we make mistakes or forget things. 

Building relationships and genuinely connecting with people can build understanding for later.


 8) Sometimes we are so focused and driven by our business goals that we forget; relationships really are important.

Make it personal, show people you care, don’t make it all business.


 9) Build relationships with no end game in mind

Get to get to know other strong women and build your tribe without expecting anything in return.


 10) Follow-up to keep the connection going

Everyone is so busy, make the difference by following up when you meet someone.


be inspired, be empowered, be BOLD

Make it an amazing day!


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