-BOLD CHICK LEADERSHIP is about inspiring and empowering amazing, talented female leaders.


So what now? How can I help you become a BOLD leader? Great question.

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(Shhhh…..just between you and me…..I am launching BOLD CHICK LEADERSHIP Academy in 2017, so sign up above and watch for the VIP wait list)

Here is a sneak peak!

  • be BOLD-This part of the program gives you tools to be BOLD (find the right balance between assertive and aggressive) and stay inspired in your own leadership journey.
    • What is your BOLD CHICK LEADERSHIPstyle?
    • Do you expect to get what you want or think you won’t?
    • What are your goals?
    • Do you visualize what you want to achieve?

Other areas where we will focus are:

  • be PurposefulThis part of the program gives you tools to ensure you are creating the life you want.
  • be Connected-This part of the program will focus on developing, empowering, connecting and motivating “YOU” and those you lead.

For more details on the upcoming 2017 Academy BOLD CHICK LEADERSHIP™ Academy

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